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Do You Qualify?

TDMP is for highly qualified Canadian Homeowners only. You must have a minimum of 20% equity in your home, verifiable income and excellent credit to consider this strategy. In addition to qualifying for the mortgage, net worth & liquidity tests may apply.

Qualification Guidelines:

     Minimum 20% Equity in Home
     Show Verifiable Income
     Have Excellent Credit Rating
     Meet Net Worth & Liquidity Tests

Getting Started is Easy!

To find out if TDMP is right for you, simply Take the TDMP Test. We will prepare your personalized TDMP Benefits Report and arrange a no-obligation consultation with a local TDMP Financial Advisor.


        Step 1: Take The TDMP Test Online
        Step 2: Meet Your TDMP Financial Advisor
        Step 3: Make Your Mortgage Tax Efficient!

                  Watch the video to learn more...


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